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Theresa Becker Photography

-Muistojen luomista ja hetkien ikuistamista-

Hi, I'm Theresa, a wedding photographer from Espoo (and originally from Germany). My goal is to preserve your special day in the most aesthetic and authentic way, with all its big and tiny moments.

Kysymykset & vastaukset


I offer wedding photography as documentary reportages, as well as engagement sessions.


I live in Espoo and shoot the majority of weddings in the capital region. Also Turku and Salo every year, which are beautiful areas. :)

Mikä on parasta?

The whole experience! You know what? It's more than "just photos". I want you to feel great about every aspect in our encounter. For that I'm going to be more than a photographer. I'll share with you all my insights regarding wedding planning and the wedding day itself, I'll help you with last minute "emergencies" on your big day, I'll go lie in the mud to get the shot, and I'll be your friend and support when you need me. :)

Meidän tyyli

romantic, warm, rustic, authentic


Wedding Photo Of The Year - finalist


Try not to strive for perfection! The less stressed you are about every little detail going according to plan, the more you are able to enjoy what you have: the love of your life plus your most important people celebrating you. :)